About Light Up Bellevue

Light Up Bellevue was started in January of 2019 by a group of caring Bellevue residents who have come together at the invitation of Mayor Rusty Hike with the goal of beautifying our community with lights throughout the year. Working with the City of Bellevue and the Bellevue Community Foundation, Light Up Bellevue has raised enough money to sponsor a number of projects in our community within just 10 months as an organization, including:

  • Christmas in Olde Towne Musical Light Show at Washington Park
  • Permanent Large Display Tree adjacent to the Lied Activity Center
  • Tribute Lighting at the Bellevue Police Department
  • Decorative Lighting on Mission Avenue

These projects have been or will be seen by thousands of people in Bellevue and promise to bring many visitors to our community during the Holidays!

Light Up Bellevue Committee

Joanna Hike – Co-Chair

Rick Imgrund – Co-Chair

Dave Compton

Steve Knutson

Sarah Milligan

Matt Milligan

Colette O’Meara McKinney

Light Up Bellevue Advisory Committee

Rusty Hike – Advisor

Rob Baldwin – Contractor – Lighting and Programming

Phil Davidson – City of Bellevue and Bellevue Community Foundation Liaison

Jim Ristow – City of Bellevue Liaison

Lisa Rybar – Midlands Community Foundation Liaison

Kathy Welch – Bellevue City Council Liaison

If you are interested in volunteering or being a part of this committee, please contact Joanna Hike at jkhike@hotmail.com

How Can You Help?

This lighting project will only be possible through donations by individuals, area businesses and foundations. Individual donations and corporate sponsorships are welcome.

Light Up Bellevue is looking for volunteers or organizations to assist throughout the year to help make these lighting projects a reality. For more volunteer information, please contact Joanna Hike at jkhike@hotmail.com.